Hi! I am Christine Black, a mother, wife, nature lover, yoga teacher, and writer living at the top of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. I consider myself fortunate to be able to walk down the street to a park where bald eagles and beavers abound, and to live just a short drive from the largest undeveloped wilderness in the mid-Atlantic – The New Jersey Pine Barrens.

When I am not writing, I work as an outside sales rep for my family’s business, driving to a different place each day, meeting new people and visiting customers. During my lunch break I try to stop and visit natural places and explore. I am also the owner/operator of The Wandering Fairy, a whimsical apparel & accessories business, where I specialize in Jersey Devil things for local shops.

Money-paying jobs aside, my favorite place to be any time of the year is outside, so I started this site. This is a place for writings, thoughts, ideas, adventures, and musings about the many ways that humans and nature intersect. Those intersections cover many different topics;  I write about places and adventures, yoga, parenthood, wild plants and garden plants, as well as the importance of environmental education and stewardship.

I strongly believe that if we learn to love and understand something, we are bound to want to protect it.


“Who learns will love and not destroy the creature’s life the flower’s joy.” – Henry Mercer